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Introduction, System Components, Planning and management, Economics in water resources, Modeling of water resources systems, Constrained and unconstrained optimization, Linear programming with applications to reservoir sizing, reservoir operation, Dynamic programming with applications to water allocation, capacity expansion, reservoir operation;

Multi - objective optimization, Review of probability theory, Uncertainty and reliability analysis, Stochastic optimization - Chance constrained LP, Stochastic DP with applications, Surface water quality control;

Simulation - Reliability, Resiliency and Vulnerability of water resource systems, Multipurpose reservoir operation for hydropower, flood control and irrigation, Groundwater Systems, Water quality modeling, River basin Planning and management, Advanced topics.

  Introduction and Basic Concepts
  Introduction to Optimization
  Linear Programming and Applications
  Dynamic Programming and Applications
  Multi-objective Optimization
  Stochastic Optimization
  Water Resources Systems Modeling
  Advanced Topics
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